Here are few students' recommendations:

  • "Isabelle is a great French teacher. She has a nice, simple process for people who are just starting to learn French or for people who are more advanced. I made a lot of improvements learning from her and enjoyed everyone of our sessions." - Brian Crain -
    VP, Business Development for Europe, Middle East, Asia New Zealand and Australia at Precima

  • "I am currently one of Isabelle's students and I highly recommend her as a French tutor.
    When I started studying with Isabelle, my French was very rough, limited and I made many grammatical mistakes. With her help I am now able to conduct work negotiations/conversations in French and I am more confident speaking the language.
    I would recommend Isabelle to anyone looking to improve their level of spoken and written French. "
    Jonathan Johnson - Football Journalist

  • "I am very happy to recommend Isabelle Bourigaud as a French teacher. Learning French with Isabelle was an enjoyable experience. Within a few lessons she had given me the confidence to try to talk in French. She is one of the best language teachers I have ever known. I say this with the confidence of someone who is a language teacher herself. Isabelle knows the language in all its aspects and knows how to teach it effectively. She was exceptionally attentive to my personal needs and kept the lessons challenging, with a variety of exercises. She can explain difficult points clearly and with great precision. She shares willingly her passion of French literature, film and music, not mentioning the cultural entertainment like outings to the theatre. " - Róża Zabieglik - English Teacher / Translator.

  • "J’exprime toute ma reconnaissance envers ce professeur dévouée et passionnée. Ses efficaces cours de français et sa passion de la littérature m’ont beaucoup apporté. Un professeur flexible qui adapte ses cours à chaque profil d’élève et qui propose des horaires de cours variés. "
    Daniela Azevedo - EMEA business manager at Beraca

  • "I'm a former student of Isabelle who now participates in a French-English language exchange with her.
    Detail-oriented and skilled in French grammar, writing and pronunciation, Isabelle assists me in learning the language.
    With her help, I was able to pass — with flying colors — the language test given to foreigners seeking French nationality. In addition, thanks to our regular sessions, I have been able to improve my writing. This is especially important because as a Content Marketer in the adtech sector in Paris, I interact and communicate with my colleagues in French." -
    Maya Lawrence - Content Marketing Manager at Smart AdServer - Full Stack Ad Technology Platform

  • " Isabelle taught me french from October 2014 to March 2016.
    Firstly, I would say that Isabelle is extremely hard-working and passionate about teaching. Her experience and in-depth knowledge can tackle all sorts of grammar problems. Eventhough I couldn't speak french when we started off, she was very patient and got me into the habit of actually talking in french.
    As someone who tried many french courses earlier, I can confidently conclude that Isabelle's way of teaching is the most engaging and interesting. I give full credit to Isabelle for my DELF B2 certification which wouldn't be possible without her support through my ups and downs.
    " -Rebecca Alexander - Computational materials scientist / Nuclear engineer / Freelance Scientific writer

  • " J’ai eu des cours particuliers (individuels ou à deux avec une autre étudiante de même niveau) avec Isabelle en 2008 à plusieurs reprises (2 fois par semaine, mais aussi des cours très intensifs). J’apprécie beaucoup chez Isabelle qu’elle utilise beaucoup de différentes méthodes et qu’elle les adapte en fonction du niveau de connaissances et des besoins de ses étudiants. Elle explique bien les règles de grammaire, mais de plus nous pouvons apprendre beaucoup sur la culture, l’histoire, la musique et les habitudes françaises. " - Darko Jesic - Operations Director at PRESANS

  • "Isabelle Bourigaud is an absolutely fantastic French teacher. She is meticulous in her pedagogy but also flexible, imaginative, and effective. She combines lessons in the fundamentals of grammar with great conversations on culture, art, current events, philosophy, literature, cinema, and life (she's a gifted conversationalist). My spouse and I both studied with her while living in Paris in 2007-2008, and soon found ourselves with a lifelong friend. We've hosted her at our home in the United States and we never come to France without the pleasure of a visit with her." - James Cahill

  • "Isabelle is a wonderful teacher. She is motivating, patient and knowledgeable. We first met when I was preparing to take a French language exam required for entrance in a Master's Degree program in Paris. I passed the exam and went on to do my MA and then PhD in France. Isabelle not only helped me enormously in becoming a fluent speaker, she also became a close friend." - Jonathan Regier

  • "Isabelle is a serious, talented teacher. She can explain things in a concise and natural manner, and she knows how to make students feel comfortable and willing to talk. Because she also has a beautiful general culture, it is a pleasure to discusss literature, cinema, music and travel with her. Isabelle helped me improve my grammar, increase my vocabulary and clarify my prononciation. She also encouraged me to write essays and stories, and then showed me how I could refine and correct them. Today, I value Isabelle not only as an excellent French teaher, but also as a real friend." - Joseph, English teacher, American in Paris since 2012

  • "Isabelle has been my French language teacher since November 2017. I am a complete beginner and before her I had 2 other teachers with disastrous results of paying enormous tuition fees and learning zero. On top of which I was screamed at when I was not quick enough with my comprehension.Isabelle is very, very patient and the results were quick to come. She uses a very effective and reliable French system (Méthode de Français by Annie Monnerie) which is particularly well adapted to the needs of complete beginners. I enjoy our lessons and really look forward to my next one. In fact we increased the number of lessons per week as I enjoy them so much. I learn a lot without any stress. I would recommend Isabelle to any prospective student because of her great professionalism, patience and understanding of the particular needs of each student." - Ian Campbell

  • "Isabelle is an excellent teacher, who brings an enthusiasm and knowledge to the subject that makes learning French more fun than it would be normally! Adaptable and understanding, she tailors her approach to meet the student's requirements - which in my case is to enhance my spoken French in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. I can thoroughly recommend." - Gavin Mortimer, writer and historian

  •     "Isabelle is a professional, experienced and charming French teacher. If you really want to improve your French, I highly recommend her.
         My aim for learning French at that time was to find a job in Paris and I had taken her private class from intermediate to professional level. Finally I got a job in Paris and I appreciate very much her support. 
        As she is an intellectual and sophisticated person, you can choose many topics for your class with her, not only basic French skills (grammar, reading, speaking) and professional needs (reviewing French CV, motivation letters, preparation for interviews), but also literature,  music, culture and so on.
    Learning a new language is sometimes hard, but thanks to her, I could have fun to learn French.
         I don’t take her lessons anymore, but I sometimes visit to see her since now she is my dear friend. I’m quite lucky to know such a lovely French friend as my former French private teacher.
    Thank you, Isabelle!"
    - Sari Y

    Sari Y

  • “Sólo he podido estar con Isabelle 18 horas, pero han sido muy productivas y creo que me han ayudado enormemente a mejorar mi francés. Nos enfocamos solo en mejorar mis habilidades de conversación y tengo que reconocer que Isabelle es una profesional de la lengua francesa, con recursos y habilidad para sacar adelante la conversación y « animarme » a hablar de distintos temas y poco a poco perder el miedo. Siempre ayudando y ofreciendo recursos de todo tipo: libros, comics, películas, libros de gramática… Recomiendo sus servicios sin dudarlo. Ha sido un placer.” - Alberto Marcos